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I am a local craftsman and Atlanta native, not a corporation that makes factory cabinets. I hope my less formal approach to FAQs will answer some of your questions.
Please feel free to call 10 am - 10 pm for more info.

Planning and Estimates?

I answer all of my calls personally. Give me a call and we can set up a time to meet. Estimates are free. Frequently I can work up a design and quote on the spot. I can work from your sketch, pictures from a magazine or website. It is possible to modify, match or compliment your existing cabinets. If you have a designer or architect I will be happy to work with them.

Lead times depend on the size of your project and our current workload. Collect your ideas & pictures, make a list of features you want, and give me a call. 404-634-8924.

Rush Order?

Depending on our current workload and the size of your project, we try to meet rush deadlines. I will work nights and weekends as needed.

Appointment Times?

Call me between 10 am and 10 pm any day to schedule. Evening and weekend times are possible.


Cost depends on many details. Do you want quality materials and craftsmanship.... or a cardboard box? Mass production particle board cabinets have a short life and come in fixed sizes. My custom woodwork uses only solid wood and hardwood plywood. I can give you the best use of a limited area. My work will last.

If price is a big concern consider having us build unfinished pieces for you to paint or stain. We can design and build within a specific budget. If all you want is something that is already mass produced that doesn't come in your size or color for the same price, then I may not be the guy for your project.

Paint or Stain?

I build painted and stained cabinets with the same construction and similar materials. Dark stained Cherry costs more than painted Maple. Clear finished Maple and painted Maple are about the same price. We spray and sand between finish coats to provide a smooth, lasting furniture finish. For over 15 years we have used water-born finishes. They provide a durable finish without the smell, fire and health risks of lacquer. Our unfinished woodwork is ready for you to paint and less expensive.

You can do some of the work to control costs. I will be glad to build parts, or a kit, for you to assemble, install and finish. It all depends on your time and ability to complete the job. I can provide shelves, trim and new doors to allow you to make over your kitchen or bath.


I need a 50% deposit to start a project. The balance is due on delivery and installation. Payments in cash or check. Sorry no credit cards.

Minimum Order?

We try to fit small orders between larger projects. One door, a shelf or small repair is not too small of an order.

Work and Construction?

I design, build and install each project with my assistant. We use solid wood and hardwood plywood; not Melamine, particle board or MDF! Every custom project is made in Atlanta, Georgia by American craftsman.

I use mortice and tenons, biscuit joinery, screws, glue and nails to assemble your project. I have many resources and suppliers. For over 40 years most of my hardwood has come from a local family owned lumber mill.

Match, Modify, or Repair Existing Cabinets?

We can cut, modify and sometimes match existing cabinets (have a look in the Modify and Repair section to see some examples). New appliances may require modifications to your existing cabinets. I do projects other shops call impossible.

Contacting Me?

I check my email in the evening. So please call if you need a more immediate response. 404-634-8924