About Steve Label Graphic

My passion for woodwork is life long. With both a father and a grandfather with basement shops I had good tutors from a very young age. They were happy to let me build projects from their scraps. High school shop class gave me access to larger machines. I won the Dekalb Industrial Arts Fair "Most Outstanding Student" in 1975.

Working at the local hardware store as a teen broadened my knowledge rapidly. I learned so much that it wasn't long before home repair jobs were coming my way from customers I met at the store. I started my business doing woodwork and remodeling full-time in 1978. By the early 1980s I had a small shop that focused on woodwork. I moved to our current location in 1989.

Over the years I learned that particleboard and MDF do not last. I only use solid wood and hardwood plywood. Fine craftsmanship outlasts cheap materials.

As you can see by the pictures, my work centers on building kitchens, baths, bookcases, entertainment centers and furniture. I enjoy unusual requests. Odd sizes and shapes are a challenge not a problem. Many projects have involved matching or modifying existing cabinets. I make many test samples to find the right combination of wood, tools and finishes to do the job. Wasted space is often taken up with secret compartments, hidden doors and specialized drawers that clients always appreciate.

I've been doing this for a very long time!

I run a 2 man shop. We don't do mass production or have anything premade in stock. All work is custom (bespoke) and tailored to suit a client's needs.

I have a thirst for knowledge. Books, magazines, classes and trade shows help me learn more about my craft. I have attained "Mentor" status at WoodTalk Online where I enjoy advising woodworkers around the world. I read constantly to help me refine my skills. Local, national and international suppliers help me stay current with materials and hardware.

The current Shop Dog is a Boxer named Missy. She is the 5th Shop Dog....all Boxers, my favorite breed.